DMT Petrologic GmbH & Co. KG
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About us

DMT Petrologic GmbH & Co. KG is dedicated to providing competent geophysical services and innovative seismic data solutions to the oil and gas industry. Operating since 1998 from Hannover, Germany, effective cooperation with strategic partners leads to conduction of complex interdisciplinary projects from acquisition support over processing towards analysis and interpretation.

Our strength lies in our experienced team with over 20 years of experience directly in seismic data processing. This involves 2D and 3D processing, both land and marine, in time and depth, utilizing various software packages. Processed areas include projects in Eastern and Western Europe, North Sea, Russia, Kazakstan, Caspian Sea, Middle-East, North and West Africa, India, Bangladesh, Middle and South America.

With the introduction of a supplementary 64-bit Linux cluster in November 2007 we increased performance on large-scale 3D and imaging projects. Our main processing platform is ProMAX which has been significantly enhanced through the addition of 3D CRS (Common Reflection Surface Stack) technology and ProManager fully utilizing the capabilities of our distributed processing environment. ProMAX is complemented by more specialised software packages such as Tsunami Imaging and GOCAD to cater for specific geological objectives.

The addition of 3D Prestack Depth & Time Migration Software from Tsunami led to a reduction of computation time (cost!) with enhanced flexibility and improved imaging quality. Earth Decision Sciences GOCAD velocity and reservoir properties suite allow accurate layered and structural depth models combining seismic and well information in an intelligent way.

Our entry into the DELPHI consortium in 2007 has allowed us to implement their state-of-the-art surface related demultiple code - SRME - as well as their internal multiple elimination method - IME.

Moreover, we have broadened our range of services: The KINGDOM software suite provides us with interpretational capabilities and the latest version of Hampson-Russell gives us enhanced Reservoir Characterization techniques. For the development of reservoirs, both acoustic impedance and simultaneous AVO inversion are the key to derive reservoir properties from seismic such as porosity and fluid fill.

In addition to our cooperation in Cairo, a fully equipped processing centre with local and international staff was opened in Tripoli in 2007.

In a self-critical pursuit of constant improvement, we have implemented an ISO 9001-2000 certified Quality Management System.